Product Guide

Dr. Tron
A personal high-pressure electric potential medical treatment device that was produced with modern medical engineering technology. We consider electrons in nature to be a fountain of life, so we loaded them into the functioning of this device. It will encourage you to have ideal dietary habits and make you feel like a child filled with vitality and greater energy.

Enseki Ion
A personal infrared medical treatment instrument that pairs warming and high-potential treatments. It uses an SGS control system (able to adjust warmth with turbo capabilities) while keeping your head cool and feet warm.

Hot Broon
Personal electric moxibustion machine. As it does not burn moxa, Hot Broon works without piercing the skin.

Health Ion
A personal electric potential medical treatment device that works while you sleep, providing comfortable sleep and refreshed wakings.

Enseki Hot Pack
An infrared medical treatment warming pack that includes a ceramic seat. It makes you feel warmth and hugging comfort.

Therapy Pro
A personal low frequency medical treatment device which delivers thesame quality as professional therapy. It is safely designed with a warmer included for gentleness.

Super Duck
A combined personal medical treatment device with both low frequency and electric potential functions. Guiding you in how to use each function by voice, it is a truly gentle and high-quality device.

Fresh Water
A water purification device that uses coral sands including rich calcium. It creates a good mineral balance for water and removes unnecessary organic compounds, floating matter, and chlorine odor. You can now have both safe and tasty water at your house.

Takada Ion
Direct current potential therapeutic instrument.
It charges with the potential of the minus to the human body insulated from the earth.